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Melrose Nameplate & Label Co.  All Rights Reserved.
26575 Corporate Avenue
Hayward, CA 94545
FAX: 510-732-3111
Melrose is  ISO 9001:2008 registered .  We produce overlays for medical, manufacturing, and test equipment. 

Click here for design ideas.  Please call (800-826-7741) or e-mail an engineer.  Click the image below for related products.
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Rigid Graphic Overlay For Capacitive Switch: 2nd surface printed; .118" scratch resistant HP92S polycarbonate; blue tinted display window and key illumination panels.  No adhesive; Routed finishing
Graphic Overlay For LCD Display: 2nd surface printed; .007" scratch resistant Autotype gloss EBG polyester.  Selectively textured around blue tinted LCD window.  3M  .002 9471MP adhesive (for smooth low surface energy surfaces)selectively applied around window; die-cut
Graphic Overlay For Mechanical Switches: 2nd surface printed; SABIC .010" 8a35 fine velvet polycarbonate with .002 3M 467MP adhesive (for smooth high surface energy surfaces); die-cut; no windows
Graphic Overlays-
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Graphic Overlays

Graphic Overlay For Mechanical Switch
Melrose engineers and manufactures overlays and labels for mechanical and electronic systems. We use polycarbonate (Lexan), polyester, PMMA (Acrylic) and glass materials as appropriate.

Melrose prints with digital and screen processes.  Metallic inks, special textures, and lenses are produced in our class 10,000 clean room.  

We finish these parts with laser or hard tooling adding features such as embossed or epoxy domed keys and back lighting when appropriate.