Melrose Industry Perspectives

These are our insights into the world of contract manufacturing nameplates, labels and keypads.

Medical device manufacturers invest a lot of time in research and testing before bringing their products to market. What if the users make errors operating these devices? How can we ensure safe and consistent product use? Labeling plays a
Gaskets and die-cuts are the key components ensuring the integrity and performance of countless applications. Gaskets are pre-formed seals that prevent fluids, gases, or dust from seeping between two surfaces. They are also known as O-rings or
Manufacturers provide various types of labeling solutions to their customers based on their applications and requirements. As you have read before, choosing an adhesive is yet important consideration for your labeling project, and surface energy is
In an era of mounting environmental concerns, businesses and consumers are making conscious choices toward sustainability. This includes product identification, where the choice of materials and processes can impact a company’s environmental
Die cutting is a versatile manufacturing technique that employs sharp dies to cut desired shapes and components from a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, and metal. The process can vary based on the material and specific requirements. 
Labels have become a popular identification and information tool in our daily lives. From brand labels to price tags and beyond, we interact with labels constantly, collectively scanning over half a ton of them each day.  If you have observed...
Adhesives are thin-acrylic-based material that holds or sticks a label or nameplates on a substrate. It is the key to durable labeling solutions. Three popular adhesives are available in the market that suit the attached substrate surface. Based on
Product identifiers follow strict guidelines to ensure a durable solution; these guidelines vary with the industry, especially in defense, aviation, and space. Material quality and manufacturing processes must comply with the high standards set by
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