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Processes built over years allow us to deliver quality products in days.

Melrose has spent decades building up our manufacturing and human capital to become a world-class supplier. Our processes guarantee quality, while our employees take pride in quality control and customer service.

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We Hold Ourselves to the Highest standards.​

We have continually partnered with OEMs, manufacturers, and service providers who demand outstanding quality. We deliver products that meet the highest quality and safety requirements of demanding industries such as aerospace and medical. We constantly strive to improve and refine our processes to attain an even higher standard. Our search for excellence paves the way to providing the best products to our customers.


Our manufacturing processes are green, many of them are less than 5 years old. We discharge no heavy metals, reclaim solvents, and use low-VOC material to ensure EPA compliance and be sustainable.


Proud of our past, with our eyes on the future. Melrose was founded in 1939 and aided the war efforts. Now we proudly maintain our American heritage but have augment it with a global chain of quality suppliers and manufacture.


Our goal has always been to never grow too large to stop our customers from feeling like they are dealing with a family business. We a reliable, honest, communicators—and we are world-level experts in what we do.


Our broad range of knowledge is backed up by unrivalled product and process technology. From basic nameplates to advanced HMI systems, every tool we use is of the highest possible specification, so our products always pass the test.

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