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    Replacement Faceshield

    Replacement face shields conform to industry standard hole patterns and shapes or can be manufactured to your specification.

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    Replacement Faceshield

    Melrose manufactures PETG visors that offer crisp and distortion-free visibility thanks to the optically clear lens.

    The face-shields include masking on both sides to prevent scratching. Our products are made of thin, lightweight material that comes at medical-grade (10 mils) or heavier duty (.020″;.040″) thickness. Our shields fit most headgear and bands.

    Bouton Universal Style

    • Pn: 251-01-5211
    • Universal hole pattern will fit most headgear in the market

    3M Style

    • Pn: 82701-00000
    • Fits 3M hole pattern

    Other styles:  Send us a sample, and we’ll make shields to match.  


    Thickness (mil)
    Style 10 20 40
    Boughton Universal $225 $250 $275
    3M $245 $270 $295

    100 shields per box

    All items Ship April 2

    Place order by e-mail:

    Include the following in e-mail to:

    1. Specify type:
      1. Bouton Universal Style
      2. 3M Style
      3. Thickness 10, 20, 40 mil
    2. Quantity: 1 box minimum order. (100 pieces/box)
      1. Shipping method
      2. UPS or Fed Ex number or advise us to prepay and add
    3. Shipping:
      1. Shipping method
      2. UPS or Fed Ex number or advise us to prepay and add
    4. Credit card:  Name, First 12 digits of credit card number
    5. For security call our representative at 510-398-0774 or 800-826-7741 to provide last 4 digits of credit card and security code on back of card.

    Find face shields with headband  at the link below

    Medical Splash Shield with Headband