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Graphic Overlays

Benefit from graphic overlays that offer the most durable option of non-metallic labels. Our clients choose this material for its quality, appearance, and durability.

We make graphic overlays using screen, digital and offset printing, windows, cutouts, and finishes suitable for every environmental requirement.

Why Graphic Overlays?

Graphic overlays are front panel sheets that protect the graphic elements from wear and tear. They are the most durable form of non-metalic labels and are printed on the backside of a transparent material. The label’s structure protects the ink from abrasion and fade, offering top quality and cost-effectiveness. 

Broad Range of Materials, Printing Techniques, and Fabrication Processes

We manufacture our overlays using various materials and adhesives to maximize their function. We use screen, digital, and offset printing to apply images of all kinds, be it spot, metalic, or full-color. Check out the materials, printing techniques, and fabrication process we follow for graphic overlay manufacturing.

Overlay Material

Graphic overlays and second surface printed labels use materials such as polycarbonate or polyester.

Printing Techniques

Digital printing or screen printing techniques are the best overlay printing choices we employ for our clients.

Fabrication Processes

Finishing is so important and the processes we follow helps us to deliver world-class front-panel overlays.

Our manufacturing processes


We often design graphic overlays in conjunction with system buttons, touchscreens, and LED backlights and indicators. We raise and accentuate buttons with epoxy keycaps, urethane silicone, materials, and embossing. 



Melrose backlights the graphic overlays with light guide film as well as electro-luminescent and fiber optic technologies. These technologies provide backlighting even without any hot spots.We use dead front printing to hide graphics when membrane switch backlights are switched off. A light guide film (LGF) layer behind the overlay selectively directs LED-generated light to buttons and other backlit features. Electro-luminescent backlights use Alternating Current(AC) to excite phosphors and generate wide-area illumination. Flat fiber optic bundles create wide-area illumination. We integrate low-profile 7-Segment displays with LED and diffusing ink constructions.

Variable Data

Adding variable data to graphic overlay is possible with either etching or printing processes.

Why Melrose?

Our team of experts will help you choose the best option, considering the surface to which the overlay will be applied (surface texture and chemistry), as well as environmental conditions including UV exposure, salt spray, solvent, acidity, and temperature range.

For more details, connect with your dedicated engineering expert.

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