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    Aluminum Nameplates – Printed

    We can surface-print or add recessed etched copy for extra durability in our aluminum nameplates. They can come in a single color on natural aluminum or in more elaborate variants such as embossed features, full color printing, and variable barcode information.


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    Aluminum Nameplates-Printed

    Our aluminum nameplates can be surface printed or have copy recessed by etching or engraving.

    Aluminum nameplates are printed with photographic or spot pms color images. We can emboss copy to create a 3D effect. Learn more.

    Aluminum nameplates are lighter than stainless steel or brass nameplates and can be attached with adhesives or mounting holes.

    The printed areas can be made more resistant to abrasion if they are recessed. Engraving or etching printed copy accomplishes this.

    When aluminum is too soft to withstand expected abrasion or if the plate is expected to be exposed to caustic materials, stainless steel nameplates are a better choice. Learn more.