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    Plastic Nameplates

    The high-quality outdoor-rated engraving plastic material we use for plastic nameplate manufacturing helps meet your needs for the long run. This high-grade plastic offers flexible applications even in challenging environments. You can always demand an estimate from Melrose for your needs.

    What Are Plastic Nameplates?

    Plastic nameplates, as the name suggests are typically made of plastics, where the letters are etched into the material through multiple layers of processing such as mechanical & laser engraving, whittling, etc. These types of nameplates are comparatively cheaper than metal nameplates and can be customized to any color, adhesives, size, and thickness based on requirements.

    Take advantage of the best-in-class polycarbonate or polyester or transparent PVC vinyl material of choice we use for the construction of custom-engineered plastic nameplates to ensure durability.

    Connect with your dedicated advisor and discuss your custom needs now.

    Benefits of Plastic Nameplates



    The polycarbonate/polyester material used for the manufacturing ensures the long run of the product.


    Abrasion and Chemical Resistance​

    The plastic nameplate can withstand abrasive chemicals and extreme conditions in challenging environments.



    The materials used for plastic nameplate manufacturing are cost-effective, hence reducing the client’s expense.


    Attractive Look & Finishing

    All sides of the plastic nameplates are beveled for a neat finishing look.


    Permanent Engravement

    The texts & data engraved in the plastic nameplates are permanent.

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