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Second surface printed labels

Take advantage of high-quality, long-lasting labels made from thicker substrates and adhesives that are designed to meet unique needs. Our experienced team will take into account criteria such as application surface, outdoor or chemical exposure, abrasive conditions, and fire rating to deliver labels you need.

What Is a Second Surface Printed Label?​

Printing on the back of a transparent substrate is known as second surface printing. This method of printing provides excellent protection for graphics from abrasion, as well as oils, greases, chemicals, and solvents. The second level of defense is provided by a hard-coated coating that protects the top surface from being scratched.


Melrose has a long history of supplying second surface printed labels to customers who needed labels with exceptional durability and consistency. To build components that meet even the most stringent specifications, we use the most advanced and robust materials available.

Benefits of Our Second Surface Printed Labels​

Perfect for Demanding Environments​

Second surface printed labels come in handy for more applications used in more demanding processes.

More durable

you’re printing on a thicker material

Broader Selection of Adhesives​

 that can work for different environments (temp, humidity, radiation) and surface energy and texture

Broad Range of Materials and Adhesives​

A broad range of materials and adhesives are available for second surface label constructions. To match the demands of our clients’ industries, labels are specified with materials and adhesives best suited to their requirements. 

Perfect for Demanding Environments

To ensure top protection, we print labels on the backside of a transparent polyester or polycarbonate material. 


Total thickness is at least .007”. A label supplied on a roll that may be as thin as .003”.

Wide Choice of Materials​

Substrate materials scratch-resistant gloss, textured, UV, and salt spray-resistant, as well as fire-rated (FR) materials.


We offer full-color printing and PMS-matched colors.

Our manufacturing processes


Second surface labels are printed with screen, digital, and offset printing processes. 


We laminate the labels with a 3M adhesive and then die-cut them with steel rule dies, CO2 lasers, or punch presses.  

Variable data

Second surface printed labels are available with barcodes and other variable data all printed behind the clear durable label material.  

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