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Underwriters Laboratories recognized labels

Save time and money with our UL-recognized labels. Eliminate compliance risk and ensure an Underwriters Laboratories certification for your labels.

Our experts develop labels to Underwriters Labs requirements for various environmental and application surface conditions.

Certified Provider with 30+ Years of Experience​

Melrose is UL-certified under Marking and Labeling Systems UL 969 for three UL label certifications. This makes us an excellent partner for companies looking to reduce the time and costs of getting their labels certified by Underwriters Laboratories. Our ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certifications give our customers the confidence that our engineers deliver high-quality UL labels consistently.Melrose is UL-certified under Marking and Labeling Systems UL 969 for three UL label certifications.

1.UL Marking and Labeling System​

We have a range of label constructions that have been tested by UL. Our goal is to provide the most versatile and durable solutions for the broadest range of customer applications.
  • Our UL labels meet the requirements of a particular indoor or outdoor environment and application surface.
  • Customers using the appropriate Melrose UL label can be confident that label compliance will never create any issues with UL.
  • Reduce risk and save time and money in the process of certifying new products for UL, as well as during regular UL audits.
Learn more: This area is related to component PGDQ2.MH15654. 

2. Printing materials

Print additional information on labels recognized in this category and maintain UL compliance.

  • The materials we use allow thermal transfer print (black ink) on a colorful Melrose preprinted label.
  • The printed information can include model numbers, serial numbers, barcodes, and more.
  • We supply labels ready for you to print variable data at your location and maintain UL compliance.

Learn more: This area related to component PGJI2.MH49192

3. Authorized Label Suppliers Program

We are part of the Authorized Label Suppliers Program PGAA.LP3173. This program confirms that UL authorized us to print the UL logo and all its variations. Learn more: This area is related to the program, PGAA.LP3173.

Why choose UL 969 labels?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a well-known and well-respected certification organization in North America. The “UL” mark indicates that a product has been checked and approved to a particular UL level. Similarly, the UL 969 label and labeling norm has been used to inspect and certify all labels carrying the “UL” symbol.

Our UL label experts have a thorough understanding of UL label specifications, approval procedures, and documentation criteria, and they work with our clients to ensure that their UL labels follow both application and UL standards.

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