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    Die Cast Product Identification Nameplates

    Die cast nameplates have greater vertical relief, sharper detail, and are usually thicker than embossed aluminum or etched stainless nameplates.
    Die-cast zinc and aluminum can have plated as well as printed finishes and are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.


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    Die Cast Product Identification Nameplates

    Melrose manufactures high-end die-cast designs with industrial-grade strength for both indoor and outdoor applications by utilizing both aluminum and zinc processes.

    Our zinc parts using the hot chamber die casting process, while our aluminum parts are produced by the cold chamber process.

    To make your nameplates unique, we offer a wide range of textures, colors, and finishes, including chrome, gold plating, antiquing, and brushing.

    Automotive level outdoor durability is available.


    Height relief: .025” zinc or .018” aluminum die-cast vs. .012” to .015” emboss.

    Make your product literally stand out!

    Aluminum die-cast resists 450F for 24 hours

    ‘Silver-sand’ or natural shiny silver background

    Bevel edge option

    Curvature option