Technical Solutions Through Expertise & Partnership

An American Success Story

Melrose Nameplate was founded in 1939 in the historic Melrose District of Oakland, California. Ever since, Melrose championed unrivaled manufacturing processes and quality. Our success is a true American tale, founded on the bedrock of the company’s work to help with America’s Second World War efforts in its early days.

Proudly integrating American manufacturing heritage with a global technology and production network, Melrose contributes to flagship product lines, elevating quality standards in the industry.

Our expertise lies in tackling complex challenges through purpose-built technology. As a trusted contract manufacturer, our quality registrations guarantee precise adherence to your specifications. Our skilled engineers optimize cost savings and enhance product performance by recommending design and processing improvements.

Reasons to Choose Melrose as Your Manufacturing Partner

Superior Quality of Our Products​

Melrose manufactures products to the highest standards of excellence, in line with our ISO 9001 registration and quality philosophy. We have earned the trust of the world’s largest corporations by raising our quality above the industry standard.

Outstanding Technical Know-How

Unparalleled technical expertise defines our approach, ensuring precision and excellence in every project. At the forefront of innovation, we deliver solutions that surpass industry standards.

Ability To Be Super-Responsive​

We exert every effort to meet urgent customer requirements. Melrose can rapidly produce prototypes and adhere to the expected delivery timeline, thanks to our seamless manufacturing process.

Lean Operating Philosophy

Our factory located in Hayward, California, flourishes in today’s global market because it operates with a lean philosophy in terms of the supply chain and costs.