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    Guide to decal embossing

    November 22 '21


    Custom decals are made to match the project’s unique requirements – and one of the key techniques that determine their appearance is embossing. What exactly is embossing and what benefits does it bring to the decal manufacturing process? Keep on reading this article to learn everything you need to know about decal embossing benefits, techniques, and other essentials.

    What is embossing?

    Embossing is a technique based on making an impression on the decal (or another component) material to create a relief. Manufacturers use it to generate extra emphasis on printed pieces. Embossing also adds form and function on keypad overlays. Embossing is often used together with doming.

    Benefits of embossing

    • Embossing serves two key purposes for every component: functional and decorative
    • Manufacturers can create embossing-based designs of various textures and patterns
    • Both regular and irregular shape dies are available
    • Embossing offers outstanding dimensional stability
    • It also ensures high tensile strength

    Which components can use embossing?

    Here are the most common use cases for embossing:

    Embossing – when to use it?

    Embossing is a technique that works well with a choice of materials, for example:

    • Polyester
    • Polycarbonate
    • Brushed mylar

    and more!

    Types of embossing

    Embossing can be divided into several types. Let’s take a closer look at the most common ones to understand the broad range of embossing techniques.

    Embossing types on CNC plates are;

    • LED dome embossing
    • Embossed dome
    • Multi level embossing

    Acid etched plates

    • Pillow or pad embossing
    • Rail embossing
    • Braille embossing

    What about the technique of embossing itself? Here we can differentiate between two types: double plate embossing and debossing.

    Double plate embossing 

    In this type of embossing, manufacturers can create a double plate embossing. In this scenario, the female dies the material on the face of the decal while the male dies hits the material from the decal’s back to create the desired image.


    An alternative approach is called debossing. In this case, the die hits the material on the decal’s face to give it the attractive look of embossing.

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