Aluminum Nameplates
Manufacturers provide various types of labeling solutions to their customers based on their applications and requirements. As you have read before, choosing an adhesive is yet important consideration for your labeling project, and surface energy is
Product identifiers follow strict guidelines to ensure a durable solution; these guidelines vary with the industry, especially in defense, aviation, and space. Material quality and manufacturing processes must comply with the high standards set by
Anodized aluminum labels are a great choice for applications that require outstanding resistance to abrasion and excellent durability. Anodized aluminum is a popular choice for components such as labels, signs, stickers, and tags also thanks to its
Barcode labels, nameplates, and tags can include barcodes as key elements for managing factory, inventory, office, or outdoor equipment. Thanks to services provided by Melrose experts, you can easily mark all of your products with variable or static
Melrose backlights graphic overlays with light guide film, as well as electroluminescent, and fiber optic technologies. These technologies provide even backlighting without any hot spots. We use dead front printing to hide graphics when membrane
Read this article to learn everything there is to know about the most common metal nameplate materials. Aluminum Our aluminum nameplates typically come in .003”, .005”, .020”, .032”, 063” in thickness with an anodized mill surface finish.