Adhesives are thin-acrylic-based material that holds or sticks a label or nameplates on a substrate. It is the key to durable labeling solutions. Three popular adhesives are available in the market that suit the attached substrate surface. Based on
According to reports, the number of online buyers is spiking and hit a mammoth 275 million mark in the US. With increased online buyers, the supply-demand is rising. The supply chain industry is enhancing its business strategy to meet these...
“Those instructions were vital, and they helped me to regulate the flames. If not, the scenario would have been different.” A layman followed the instructions labeled on the gas grills to avoid an explosion. Labels are so influential
Medical labels are a particular field of printing governed by regulatory requirements and functionality. Today, healthcare institutions take advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as smart labels with track-and-trace capabilities, temperature
One of the most common activities of manufacturers in the nameplate, label, membrane switch or graphic overlay business is high-volume technical printing. Technically printed parts can be produced with the help of different printing technologies
The design of a UDI label directly translates into its scannability and usability. That’s why it’s essential to follow the industry best practices and ensure that your UDI label performs its function and is also aesthetically
Graphic overlays and second surface printed labels are a common component of many applications today. Most of the time, manufacturers choose polycarbonate or polyester as their material for label construction.  What are the characteristics of
Anodized aluminum labels are a great choice for applications that require outstanding resistance to abrasion and excellent durability. Anodized aluminum is a popular choice for components such as labels, signs, stickers, and tags also thanks to its
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