UL-certified label for a loudspeaker manufacturer | Case Study

A UL-certified label for a loudspeaker manufacturer’s new product

A manufacturer of loudspeakers, multichannel audio show control systems, electroacoustic architecture approached us to develop a label for one of its products. To address the project’s demands, our customer was looking for an experienced partner that could provide them with labels bearing outdoor UL969 certification.

Melrose team delivered a UL tested and approved outdoor construction that allows our customer to bring practical matters together with art and versatility.

The challenge

Our customer wanted to expand the selection of available outdoor speakers to support high-quality sound systems on ocean-going ships. This environment presents a number of labeling issues that needed to be addressed for the label to fulfill its role. Because of its proximity to saltwater, ocean air is caustic to ink.

Our solution

To meet this challenge, our client needed a label with outdoor UL969 certification. The Melrose team delivered a label in line with the following requirements

  • A second surface printed label with polycarbonate to protect the ink from exposure to elements like moisture or ocean air. By choosing a hard-coated gloss polycarbonate, we helped the client to develop a label in line with their brand aesthetics while simultaneously protecting the ink with scratch-resistant gloss plastic.
  • To provide the client with customization options for future printing, our UL969 certification includes the latest and greatest of digital inks and old-fashioned screen-printed metallic colors that mimic the aesthetic of metal.
  • Our team used an aggressive 3M adhesive, which is capable of adhering well to a variety of smooth surfaces. This enabled the customer to change their unit easily or design entirely new ones knowing that the adhesive will stick well. 


Our client received a UL-tested and approved outdoor label that reflected their brand image and aesthetics, all the while protecting the ink from the elements to which it will be exposed.