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    Conductive thermal pad solution with a minimal lead time

    The customer was looking for a conductive thermal pad solution for their assembly, but current materials carry excessively long lead times.

    The challenge

    Need to find a product that meets the specifications for function, but improving the material lead time is critical.

    The solution

    Melrose provided the customer with a solution that meets the requirements using the right material and processing, keeping the lead time into consideration.


    Melrose materials experts determined that an acrylic thermal pad could provide a potential solution. The features of the material include the following,


    Utilizing digital fabrication, Melrose was able to eliminate tooling time & costs to compress the manufacturing cycle and turn the parts quickly.

    Key elements


    The conductive thermal pad solution provided to the customer was perfect. The team was able to achieve it with minimal time and cost.

    Why Melrose?

    At Melrose, we utilize a combination of in-house resources and expertise, along with the knowledge of our key material suppliers (partners) to deliver solutions. We believe in listening to the needs of our customers, determining how we can solve the problem, and leveraging all our internal and external resources to create solutions that deliver tremendous value.

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