Metal Nameplate for a Slot Machine Manufacturer | Case Study

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    Creating a metal nameplate for a slot machine manufacturer

    Our client – a casino game manufacturer – approached us to develop a cost-effective process for producing aluminum nameplates for its products. Our team rose to the challenge and came up with an innovative idea: we used fiber laser to cut holes in the nameplates, within 0.003 of an inch tolerance between them. 

    Melrose team delivered a UL tested and approved outdoor construction that allows our customer to bring practical matters together with art and versatility.

    The challenge

    Casino machines often have a metal nameplate on the back made of aluminum. Our client’s products included one made of reflective aluminum. To mount the nameplate, it needs to have four holes, drilled within 0.003 of an inch tolerance between them. 

    Nameplates aren’t manufactured in quantities high enough to justify the use of matched expensive punch/die tooling because manufacturers need to create a pattern for each hole for various sized nameplates.The client’s nameplates had hole centers out tolerance. Our team needed to get them in tolerance, all the while considering the broad variety of sizes.

    Our solution

    In order to drill holes reliably for different nameplate sizes, we used a 3000 watt fiber laser of to cut the holes and perimeter of the part. Lasers are programmable and can cut holes in the right places just by programming them in the right way.


    Our team of engineers solved the customer’s problem using a cost-effective solution. The use of fiber lasers in nameplate manufacturing represents a novel approach. 

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