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Developing an innovative IPS display for a medical device

Our client – a global medical device company and leader in new product development and medical education – approached us to develop a display component for a device used in surgical environments. Naturally, the display had to comply with all the specifications for the healthcare industry (for instance, test requirements).

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The Challenge

The client’s device was rectangular in form, while standard display shapes were more square. Our customer was looking for an appropriate display that was more rectangular in form.

IPS display for medical device

When choosing from off-the-shelf displays, we considered TFT displays of two types TN and IPS. TN is an older technology but offers a more rectangular design. However, when we optically bonded the sensor to the TN display, the display showed abnormalities if pressure was applied to its glass.

The customer preferred the IPS display, which offers better parameters such as brightness or viewing angles. Still, the application required a certain aspect ratio, and IPS glass of such sizes was not readily available.

Our Solution

Melrose engineers created a custom IPS display glass by cutting a standard-size IPS glass to fit. This innovative design approach allowed us to achieve the rectangular shape our customers needed.


The customer got a high-quality display component for their device that combined innovative design with the superior quality of the IPS display technology.

Melrose holds the ISO 9001:2015 certification and offers our clients ISO 13485 capability as well to ensure that their applications match even the most demanding requirements found in medical settings.