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Display design and manufacturing for a medical industry leader

Our client is the leading American manufacturer of diagnostic healthcare products sold worldwide. The company approached us to resolve a problem with their application displays.

Our engineers assessed the problem and developed a set of recommendations for the client. They noted that the air gap was a design that was a suboptimal choice from the cost and false touch perspective.

The Challenge

The Melrose team was tasked with developing a new display design. One of the key requirements for the design was to include a specific curved plastic component without any modifications.

display for medical device

Our Solutions

The Melrose team solved the false touch issue by changing the PCAP and touch controller design to one that could work with the existing air gap and plastic component.


Our engineers performed the following tasks:

  • Tuning the PCAP display to accommodate the variations in the thickness of the air gap across the display,

  • Improving the display’s performance by changing the design from TN to IPS. This was not an original design objective, but the client’s marketing team was delighted to see this change.

  • Carrying out EMI testing,

  • Customization of the display module firmware.

All the while, our team worked closely with our client’s engineers, communicating over multiple calls and e-mails each week. We delivered 30 sample designs to the client for final confirmation.

Building on the previous approach

Our team supported the approach of the prior manufacturer engaged in the project.

To address the problem of the air gap design, we supplied additional samples with or without manufacturer-directed modifications to match the air gap design.

Our team also re-engineered the display module for plastic that eliminates the air gap and supplied samples of this design at no charge.