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    Foam supply issues in outdoor device manufacturing solved!


    Melrose listened to manufacturers of outdoor devices, who expressed concern about how difficult the supply of foam parts has become in recent years. Like many commodities, foam became a pain point for building outdoor devices to deliver specific technology, such as payment collection, audio, vehicles, and other related industries. 

    Therefore, at this moment, Melrose moved to solve what appears to be a universal problem for outdoor devices.


    The outdoor device manufacturer required a stable, consistent supply and pricing on die-cut foam parts for outdoor devices. Choose materials based on customer requirements,

    The solution​

    In conjunction with 3M and other key suppliers, we targeted consistency in two types of foam needed in outdoor electronic devices:

    Insulation Foam

    Outdoor gaskets (UV & temp resistant closed cell foam sponges)


    In all of this, we created solutions by assessing customer requirements vs. what is available and when. This process of active listening and problem-solving of not only technical issues but also logistics, goes to the heart of what Melrose does.

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