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    Overlay solution for high durability vending equipment

    Our client requires an overlay solution for high durability vending equipment tied to the transportation and transit support market. They need a domestic solution meeting the environmental factors and also leverages the experience of the best-in-choice manufacturing process.

    Read on to learn the problem of the client and how our team delivered a proper solution.

    Melrose team delivered a UL tested and approved outdoor construction that allows our customer to bring practical matters together with art and versatility.

    The challenge

    The client needs to find a domestic source to address lead time and supply constraints associated with offshore suppliers. Also, to ensure materials and quality of finished parts meet the demanding environment of a consumer-interfacing equipment panel.

    Our solution

    Melrose provided a strong domestic solution with a reduced delivery schedule by utilizing a combination of engineered materials, industrial bonding solutions, high precision assembly techniques, and a blending of custom manufacturing processes. 

    By leveraging our materials expertise, quality processes, and a creative combination of manufacturing methodologies, Melrose delivered solutions for all critical requirements of the project.

    Key elements used in the project


    The client received a domestic solution ensuring quality materials, meeting the environment of consumer-interfacing equipment panels.

    At Melrose, we believe that solving problems and bringing unique solutions to our clients is imperative to creating value beyond the cost of the part.

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