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die-cuts and gaskets


Diecut components are typically any unprinted material that has been fabricated into a unique shape and size. The materials can range from the simplest foams and plastics to highly engineered thermal and electrical products. Fabrication methods include die-cutting, laser, waterjet, and several other means of shaping materials into a finished part.

die-cuts and gaskets
die-cuts and gaskets




Extreme conditions require specialized materials



Long-term outdoor and sunlight exposure needs specially-engineered solutions


(Bonding, Assembly)

Different surface properties can present bonding challenges


(Exposure, Submersion)

Harsh chemical exposure or cleaning/sterilization processes can significantly impact material selection

How it’s used?

(Sealing, Bonding, Insulation, Shielding)

Parts need to be designed and engineered to work for and meet your specific need

Special Features

die-cuts and gaskets
die-cuts and gaskets