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Graphic overlays

Graphic Overlays

Graphic overlays are front panel sheets that protect the graphic elements from wear and tear. They are the most durable form of non-metallic labels and are typically printed on the back side of a transparent or translucent substrate. The label’s structure protects the ink from abrasion and fade, offering top quality and cost-effectiveness.

Graphic overlays
Graphic overlays




Extreme conditions require specialized materials



Long-term outdoor and sunlight exposure needs specially engineered solutions



Different surface properties can present bonding challenges


(Exposure, Sterilization)

Harsh chemical exposure or cleaning/sterilization processes can significantly impact material selection

How it’s used?

(Impact/HMI, Impact & tamper resistance, user features & expected lifecycle)

Parts need to be designed and engineered to work for and meet your specific need

Special Features

Graphic Overlays
Graphic Overlays