Technical Solutions Through Expertise & Partnership

Our approach

Melrose focuses on developing long-term business relationships with customers. To accomplish that, we drive the process forward through honest communication and transparent collaboration. Once our engineers are engaged in a project, we follow a set of proven procedures and industry best practices. This section shows you all the essentials of our approach.

Manufacturing Engineering

Do you have a concept for an application you would like to release to the market? Are you looking for a reliable manufacturing partner? Do you have a challenging technical requirement? We’re here to help you realize your vision.

Melrose has a skilled workforce and is a renowned manufacturer of industrial identification systems and HMI components. We have transformed numerous ideas into reality throughout the 80+ years of our existence. With an experienced team of experts, Melrose can evaluate your requirements, make design recommendations, create prototypes, test them, and help you compress your time to market.

  1. Manufacturing & Engineering

  2. Design & Application Review

  3. Rapid Prototyping

  4. Design For Manufacturability

  5. Design Validation & Production

Challenges lead to breakthroughs

It’s your ideas that lead to market breakthroughs. We’re here to help you reach your goals safely and efficiently, addressing any challenges that might arise along the way.

Cutting-edge materials, creative designs, and novel manufacturing solutions are all part of our engineering process. Our production cycle includes quick prototyping, bespoke assembly, and quality testing to guarantee optimal performance and durability.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a time-saving technique that allows teams to go beyond product visualization. Our unique method offers several advantages, all of which benefit our clients.