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    Trinity of Compliance | Melrose

    The compliance model followed at Melrose consists of three critical factors – Product, Quality, and Environmental. The uniform proportion of these factors together makes the brand supreme among other manufacturers in the USA.

    Trinity Lines - Tri-Critical Factor Model

    Product (UL):

    We manufacture products following all the necessary industrial standards; UL compliance products. UL labels are issued by the Underwriter’s Recognized Laboratory for the security/safety of the products used for the applications.

    Quality (AS9100/ISO9001):

    Melrose is an NSF-ISR (ISO9001/AS9100) certified company, providing its clients with top-notch solutions. We set the quality bars high to ensure providing durable and industry-standard products. Quality is the primary factor we focus on from product selection to the final application stage; we deliver them with no compromise to this factor!

    Environmental (RoHS/REACH/Conflict Mineral):

    At Melrose, the materials and components used for every manufacturing process follow RoHS 2/ REACH standards. No restricted substances are used during any stages of production. Also, we do not use conflict minerals for manufacturing purposes.