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Industrial nameplates

Take advantage of 80+ years of experience in manufacturing durable industrial nameplates using materials of the highest quality. Our experts can deliver nameplate products in a wide range of options to ensure that they match the unique demands of your application.

We use innovative and sustainable manufacturing technologies to equip you with the best product quality – many of our processes are less than five years old. Explore this page to learn more about our industrial nameplates.

What are industrial nameplates?

If your company produces products, electronics, machinery, or industrial equipment, you should get interested in nameplates and labels. They aid inventory management, increase employee safety, and boost your company’s productivity. Industrial nameplates are a must-have for any form of industrial application and beyond.

Benefits of Our Industrial Nameplates​



Industrial nameplates are corrosion-resistant and the materials can withstand dents, scratches, chemicals, extreme weather conditions, and physical strain that would cause most metals to bend.



Leverage the benefit of custom printing, size, and material choice for any application. 


Fabrication Choices

Industrial nameplates can be fabricated with metals like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, or even plastics like polyester and polycarbonate.



The choice of customization and material makes nameplates a flexible product for any industrial application.


Hygienic properties

Bacteria have a hard time adhering to the nameplate’s slick metal surface, making it extremely easy to clean.


Long-term value

Industrial nameplate materials offer excellent value for money since they require less maintenance and repair. 

Our manufacturing processes


Our experts create a wide range of color graphics using innovative printing solutions that offer high contrast and readability.



We use acid etching for stainless steel and brass nameplates, complemented with screen printing.


Variable data

We can add variable data to industrial nameplates using thermal transfer printing.


Commitment to Sustainability

We strongly believe in environmental sustainability and ensure that our manufacturing processes do not discharge any heavy metals, reclaim solvents, and use low-VOC materials to match the EPA air quality compliance.

Industrial Nameplates for Military and Aerospace - MIL-P-19834

Melrose produces industrial nameplates that meet the requirements of MIL-P-19834. This specification is common on military and commercial aerospace drawings. We are certified to the aerospace quality standards; AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015. At Melrose, we believe that it’s possible to combine quality with cost-effectiveness. We produce durable industrial nameplates using aluminum with guaranteed compliance to military specifications. We also provide our clients with heavy-duty stainless steel nameplates with recessed copy.

Applications of Industrial Nameplates​

Company identification plates

They can include your business’s name, logo, address, and any other pertinent details. Brand plates are a good example of a company identification plate. Our identification plates are long-lasting and promote the business for many years.

Serial plates​

Serial plates are typically attached to items and data on them is registered before the products are shipped to be sold. They make it easier to communicate key details about each and every product, which is particularly useful for companies that produce a large number of goods with minor variations.

Safety and Warning Nameplates​

Employees benefit from safety or warning nameplates that are particularly useful in hazardous industrial environments. You may use safety nameplates to alert workers to possible workplace hazards such as noises, airborne debris, chemicals, and more.

Asset and Property Tags in Nameplates

Such tags printed, embossed, or etched in nameplates makes it simple for businesses to track and monitor their assets, particularly movable ones. You can easily monitor where your equipment is at every phase of its transportation route by using asset and property tags. Such tags also aid in the prevention of robbery, as items that change hands may get stolen or lost.

Would You like to See Some Sample Nameplates?​

Take a look at the industrial nameplates we created for other brands to check their quality. We are happy to provide you with a sample to show you that we are an outstanding nameplate supplier.

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