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Aluminum Nameplates

At Melrose, we manufacture aluminum nameplates with printed, etched, engraved, and Metalphoto® copy. We can also add barcode and variable data upon your request if needed. Our embossing technique allows us to create an attractive 3D effect.

We specialize in aluminum plates manufactured to meet the high demands of aerospace and military specifications. Get in touch with us if you’re looking for a reliable provider of high-quality aluminum nameplates.

What are aluminum nameplates?

Aluminum nameplates are ideal for applications that need high abrasion resistance and long-term longevity. Because of its lightweight and cost-effectiveness, aluminum is a common material used in components such as logos, signs, stickers, and tags. 

Anodized aluminum is very resistant to abrasion, rust, toxins, and solvents. No environmental factors can impact the graphics on these nameplates because they are enclosed under an anodic sheet. 

Benefits of Our Aluminum Nameplates​


Durability and Light Weight​

Aluminum is resistant to damage from sources of abrasion and other hazards. That’s why it’s a common material for applications used in industrial settings and different demanding environments. Aluminum nameplates perform well in outdoor environments and can last for up to 10 years, even in harsh weather conditions. 


Wide Range of Colors​

Aluminum opens the doors to a wide range of color printing options that come with high contrast and excellent readability. We pay attention to UV resistance as well, ensuring that the nameplate keeps an attractive look even when used outdoors.  

Our manufacturing processes


Our aluminum nameplates can be surface printed or have copy recessed by etching or engraving. We can print them with photographic or spot PMS color images. The printed areas can be made more resistant to abrasion if they are recessed. Engraving or etching printed copy accomplishes this.


Etched aluminum nameplates are an excellent, cost-effective option for durable product labeling and branding projects. We can either leave etched graphics unfilled or fill them with long-lasting color enamels for a unique look. Standard etches are usually relatively shallow when compared to other options such as embossed graphics. At Melrose, we believe that our customers deserve labeling options that combine quality with cost-effectiveness. That’s why we offer them etched nameplates made with high-quality aluminum that helps their brands stand out.


Our experts can emboss copy to create an attractive 3D effect.



Metalphoto® nameplates are known for their military specification compliance and ability to produce black on silver photographic detail sealed in an anodized aluminum coating. They’re made from unsealed anodized aluminum material with an embedded silver halide material. When exposed through a negative film to an exposure lamp, the silver halides in the material turn black and then create an image. The unexposed halides are washed away, and the aluminum sealed in a heated solution. The finished product is fully anodized. This means that the black exposed areas, as well as the natural aluminum background, are sealed beneath the anodic layer of the aluminum. Additional colors can be added to the nameplate by screen printing of dyes prior to the sealing step. Metalphoto® is particularly well-suited to military specification nameplates, short production runs, and even single-piece quantities.

Aluminum Nameplates for Space, Aviation, and Defense Industries​

Leading aerospace companies depend on Melrose for nameplates manufactured consistently to specifications. We hold the AS9100D certification in addition to ISO 9001:2015 certification. 

The processes required for AS9100D certification result in continuous improvement in customer and supplier relations, decision-making quality, and employee engagement.

We confirmed with an external lab testing that our parts meet the performance standards required by the military specs. Our understanding is that only we can provide test data from independent labs to back this claim up among our competitors. Our customers include Boeing, General Dynamics, SpaceX, Teledyne, ITT, Sierra Nevada, Lockheed, Raytheon, Harris, Varian, US Navy, and DRS.

Melrose processes meet the performance specification required for military nameplates and labels, including:
  • MIL-DTL-15024F: General requirements for military nameplates, labels.
  • MIL-P-19834B: Relates to military adhesive-backed foil labels.
  • MIL-STD-130M: Describes data content required in the machine (UID) and human-readable marking.
  • MIL-STD-13231: This specifically relates to the marking of electronic equipment. Our nameplates meet these requirements, proven by independent test laboratories.
Our customers are part of the following markets in aviation, space, and defense:
  • Ordnance & tactical systems
  • Assets tracking (satellite)
  • Space systems
  • Aircraft data collection
  • Anti-submarine systems
  • Specialty computers

Applications of Aluminum Nameplates​​

Asset management solutions

Aluminum nameplates can be found in even the biggest fleets and inventories at a low cost due to their outstanding cost-to-durability ratio.

Product Identification

Aluminum nameplates are available in rigid and foil options, allowing customers to apply them to almost any surface. They can be printed with barcodes to make inventory control more efficient.

Military, Aerospace, and Maritime Labels​

Aluminum is ideal for military data nameplates because of its high resistance to water, toxins, and UV rays. Metalphoto® aluminum is the best choice for specific military requirements and aerospace applications.

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