Etched or printed brass nameplates from Melrose NL in USA

Brass Nameplates

Melrose offers high-quality brass nameplates that can be etched or engraved to match the unique demands of your application. Discover our range of services and get in touch with us if you need a reliable provider of etched or engraved brass nameplates.

What are brass nameplates?

Brass is a truly outstanding material and an excellent foundation for engraved or etched nameplates or labels. Melrose provides a broad range of brass nameplates that can be polished for a sparkling, gold-like look, or given a brushed or satin finish.

Our experts can print or chemically etch the brass nameplates to give them the unique look and functionality you need in your application. Etching offers an attractive matte finish or color-filled alternative.

At Melrose, we use high-quality brass to ensure that our engraved or etched brass nameplates deliver the best results to the labeling projects of our clients.

Benefits of Our Brass Nameplates​


Attractive look

Brass can be polished to achieve a sparkling, gold-like look. We can also give it a brushed or satin finish to create a unique product identification plate for your business.


Long-term value

Brass nameplate products offer outstanding value for money because they need less maintenance and repair.

Our manufacturing processes


This process uses a revolving cutting tool and a machine to ensure that the engraving is effective and follows all the specifications.


Etching makes use of chemicals or acids to achieve different visual effects visible on nameplates. This process can be completed with epoxy to cover the colors and highlight the etching.

Applications of Brass Nameplates

Brand identification

When used to mark information and details on appliances or other devices, brass nameplates offer a great look. They can record a product’s model number, serial number, or other relevant production requirements. For a sharp look, black printing is a great option.

Business nameplates

Brass nameplates are also a good material for desk nameplates or corporate signs that can be placed in an office setting. They have a classic appearance, and the nameplates can be customized with paint. By using a company logo in your projects, you will produce a nameplate that has the look and feel you want.

Awards and Plaques ​

Brass is a malleable metal that can be cut and shaped into distinctive designs, making it ideal for plaques and other decorative objects. A brass substrate would be beneficial in any use case where a nameplate needs to look particularly outstanding.

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