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Quality Testing

Testing the technologies and components used in the application is very crucial. With proper in-house testing capabilities from Melrose, we are capable of meeting applications with high industrial standards. The innovative quality, functionality, circuit, environmental, and life cycle tests help us achieve the trusting tag among our clients.

At Melrose, we employ testing strategies to ensure that quality results are achieved while always being mindful of project milestones and timelines.

Testing Techniques Followed by Melrose

Membrane Switch Testing

Various test methods are employed to evaluate the material properties used for constructing membrane switches and keypads.

Accelerated environmental test

Continuous exposure of the test specimen to high relative humidity at an elevated temperature detects the influence of absorption and diffusion of moisture and moisture vapor.

ThermoGravimetric Analysis (TGA)

Measure the change in mass as the test specimen is heated; best method to study decomposition, reaction equilibrium, pyrolysis, oxidation, filler mass, ash percent, metallic residue, and loss of solvents/water/plasticizer during heating or aging.

Apart from the above, Melrose follows more testing on switches like switch-functional performance, high temperature/humidity attesting, and low temperature. We also perform application-specific test methods for best results.

  • Contact Closure Cycling

  • Spot Test Method

  • Contact bounce time

  • Verify the specified dielectric withstand voltage

  • Capacitance

  • Circuit resistance

  • Insulation resistance

  • Ink or coating adhesion on plastic substrates

  • Electrical resistivity of a printed conductive material

  • Bond strength of a Surface Mount Device (SMD)

  • Silver migration

  • Sensitivity (teasing)

  • Non-destructive short circuit testing

  • Color of a membrane switch backlit

Display & Touch Screen Testing

The advanced lab facilities help the Melrose team measure the optical characteristics of the display in lighting conditions. Visual defect inspection is yet another test method we follow to ensure the proper functioning of all parts.

The automated feedback test method is employed to check the screen performance and feedback time based on input (touch). We also perform display screen testing using modern screen testers.

To know more, connect with our quality control team.