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Touch Screens & Displays

A touch screen display is a user interface (UI) technology that enables direct interaction with a digital device by touching the screen with fingers or a stylus. It replaces traditional input devices allowing users to navigate, select, and manipulate content on the display. Touch screen displays are widely used in medical devices, industrial controllers, and payment kiosk systems that require a simple easy-to-use technology solution. Display technologies include LCD, OLED, and e-Paper.

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Extreme conditions require specialized materials



Long-term outdoor and sunlight exposure needs specially-engineered solutions


(Various Mounting and Integration Solutions)

Different surface properties can present bonding challenges


(Designed for Exposure)

Harsh chemical exposure or cleaning/sterilization processes can significantly impact material selection

How It’s Used

(Ruggedized, With Gloves, Lighting Conditions)

Parts need to be designed and engineered to work for and meet your specific need

Special Features

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Touch Screens & Displays​