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Custom decals

Are you looking for durable custom decals that attract customers to your brand and convey important information? You’re in the right place. At Melrose, we have decades of experience providing our customers with decals made of high-quality materials for a long-lasting effect and optimal cost.

We offer UL-recognized constructions, excellent adhesives, and exact color matching to create decals that keep on promoting your brand even in harsh environmental conditions.

What are custom decals?

Decals are made using adhesive vinyl stickers that companies can apply to practically any smooth surface. Custom decals usually come in any desired shape, size, and color combination. They often feature custom design prints with company logos or custom graphics.


Note that decals are one-time-use products. They’re used for permanent advertising projects thanks to the strong adhesive vinyl and stamping with UV inks. Businesses can use custom decals both indoors and outdoors as they offer excellent durability in both environments. 

Benefits of Our Custom Decals​



Decals are a permanent solution that can last more than five years in outdoor applications without showing any signs of wear.



Decals come with the ability to withstand harsh environments. They are highly resistant to humidity, chemicals, and other environmental elements that usually impact the appearance of other plates.


Attractive look

Custom decals can be printed with various colors and a wide range of shapes and sizes to create a truly eye-catching promotional tool.



By investing in custom decals, you get a permanent promotional tool that can promote your brand or product for years, no matter if it’s applied to a car, glass window, or wall.

Applications of Custom Decals​

Wall decals

Used by companies for promotions, advertising, and decoration purposes, customized wall decals today cover many offices or store walls. Brands use them for displaying company logos to create a more professional look, build brand awareness, and increase their reputation. But decals can also display a service list, the company slogan, or even motivational quotes sprinkled around the office.

Window decals

Glass window decals are used in both outdoor and indoor applications. Special window adhesives ensure a permanent promotional effect while adding a unique look to all the signs since they can come in diverse materials.

Floor decals

Floor decals are becoming increasingly popular among brands looking for new ways of advertising their products and services. They’re a perfect solution if the company is located in a place that is hard to find and wants to lead new customers to that location easily. Another common application is sale announcement floor decals that instantly attract the gaze of consumers.

Car decals

Car decals are applied to different parts of vehicles for business purposes. Such decals come in a variety of shapes and sizes to be applied to different parts of the car. Brands commonly use custom car decals for advertising their products on vehicles moving around the city.

Would You like to See Some Sample Labels?​

Take a look at the custom decals we created for other brands to check their quality. We are happy to provide you with a sample to show you that we are an outstanding nameplate supplier.

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