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Aluminum LABELS

Melrose manufactures high-quality adhesive backed aluminum labels with static or variable data. Our aluminum labels can come with printed, embossed or metalphoto images. Our experts can ensure that labels meet the requirements of military specification MIL-P-19834.

What are aluminum labels?

Anodized aluminum labels are ideal for applications requiring high abrasion resistance and long-term durability. Because of its lightweight and affordability, anodized aluminum is a common option for labels, signs, and tags. 

Aluminum labels and tags are ideal for any long-term labeling project – from product identification and asset management to demanding military and aerospace applications.

Benefits of Our Aluminum Labels


Excellent resistance

No environmental factors can impact the graphics on these labels since they are sealed under an anodic sheet. Anodized aluminum is extremely resistant to abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, and solvents. That is why this material is such a popular option for applications in industrial settings and other high-stress environments.


Perfect for Outdoor Applications​

Outdoor use is also possible with anodized aluminum labels. When exposed to extreme weather, such labels can survive for up to ten years. Our engineers can seal the high-contrast graphic under an anodic layer of aluminum to protect the label’s surface and maintain the graphic’s integrity.


Thin but Durable

Another advantage of anodized aluminum is that it’s one of the few materials that enable manufacturing labels with a high surface strength considering their thinness.

Broad Range of Materials and Adhesives​


Aluminum labels come in .003″ to .007″ variants, including the adhesive engineered to match the application surface and environment. 

Wide range of colors

Our engineers can include a colored graphic on aluminum labels. However, this comes with one serious downside – a lack of UV resistance. This is particularly important for outdoor applications in which the labels can be exposed to the sun. We use Metalphoto® anodized aluminum to solve this problem and ensure that labels can withstand direct sunlight exposure. This material has a lifetime of up to 20 years in outdoor conditions without fading.

Excellent adhesives

Aluminum labels may be applied to irregular surfaces and curved equipment, such as pipes or cables. Since these aluminum labels are made with a high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive, it is difficult to remove them. As a result, they’re just as secure as protection labels.

Our Manufacturing processes


We can create a wide range of color graphics using color printing solutions with high contrast and readability. Printing can be augmented with embossing to create a 3D element.


Aluminum labels are typically anodized as a natural aluminum color, or black. Colored anodizing is available as well. 


Aluminum labels can be printed with ink or etched to remove the colored anodize layer and create a contrasting copy. 


Metalphoto® is a type of aluminum label seen on aerospace drawings and applicable to photo-quality images on aluminum.

Variable data

Adding variable data to aluminum labels is possible with either etching or printing processes.

Aluminum Labels for Military and Aerospace - MIL-P-19834

Melrose produces aluminum labels that meet the requirements of MIL-P-19834. This specification is common on military and commercial aerospace drawings. We are certified to the aerospace quality standards; AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015. We had our labels tested at independent test labs to ensure they meet MIL-P-19834 requirements. An aerospace customer indicated that only Melrose could produce test data that backed up the MIL-P-19834 requirement on their drawing. This client and their customers suffered when other aluminum labels failed to meet aerospace requirements.

Applications of Aluminum Labels​

Military, Aerospace, and Maritime Labels​

Since these applications are exposed to the harshest conditions, anodized aluminum is often selected for labeling. It’s an ideal material for military data labels because of its high resistance to water, contaminants, and UV rays. 

Asset management​

Such systems have anodized aluminum labels and tags as a standard component. Aluminum tags can be used in even the biggest fleets and inventories at a low cost due to their excellent cost-to-durability ratio.

Product identification

Anodized aluminum labels can be applied to almost any surface and customers can select between rigid and foil choices. They can be printed with barcodes to make inventory management more effective.

Would You like to See Some Sample Labels?​

Take a look at the aluminum labels we created for other brands to check their quality. We are happy to provide you with a sample to show you that we are an outstanding label supplier.

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