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    Metalphoto Nameplates

    At Melrose, we manufacture high-quality Metalphoto nameplates for customers where identification is critical. These nameplates are photosensitive, making them perfect for high-resolution printing.

    Leverage the benefits and technical specifications of Metalphoto nameplates to create a durable nameplate solution for your project in any operative environment.

    What are Metalphoto nameplates?

    Metalphoto nameplates are made from unsealed anodized aluminum with an embedded silver halide material. When exposed through a negative film to an exposure lamp, the silver halides in the material turn black, creating an image. The unexposed halides are washed away, and the aluminum is sealed in a heated solution.

    The finished product is fully anodized, meaning the black exposed areas and the natural aluminum background are sealed beneath the anodic layer of the aluminum. Additional colors can be added to the nameplate by screen printing of dyes before sealing. 

    Why use Metalphoto nameplates as your identification solution?

    Metalphoto nameplates have various benefits that will provide a long-lasting product identification solution for your project. Connect with your dedicated support partner to learn more about these benefits and how they will leverage your unique requirements.

    Durability & longevity

    Metalphoto nameplates, made from durable aluminum, resist harsh environments, extreme temperatures, and UV exposure. Initially developed for aerospace, they maintain ink adherence even in space's vacuum. This durability ensures long-lasting brand vibrancy, offering a cost-effective and reliable branding solution.



    Customized to fit unique needs, from showcasing product specs, serial numbers, and barcodes to safety information, the application use cases are highly versatile. This makes the nameplate a functional tool for business operations and brand identification.


    Visual impact

    Metalphoto nameplates offer visually appealing prints, making them ideal for eye-catching applications. Available in ROYGBIV colors with Melrose high-resolution printing capabilities, these nameplates ensure that your design stands out from the crowd and leaves a remarkable impression on clients and prospects alike.



    As sustainability becomes one of the integral parts of business practices, Metalphoto nameplates offer an eco-friendly solution. By using durable materials and reducing the need for frequent replacements, you contribute to a greener planet, demonstrating your commitment to environmental responsibility.

    Performance characteristics of Metalphoto nameplates

    Metalphoto nameplate has resistance performance characteristics to various factors, making it a specified material for nameplates, labels, and control panels.


    Acid corrosion

    Heat resistance

    Salt spray corrosion

    Accelerated light & weather

    Accelerated oxygen aging




    Organic solvent


    Thermal shock


    Applications of Metalphoto nameplates

    Space & Aircrafts



    Heavy-weighing machines

    UID barcode labels

    Control panels



    Metalphoto nameplates are known for their military specification compliance and the ability to produce black-on-silver photographic detail sealed in an anodized aluminum coating. They can include variable data as well as photographic images. This process is standard among aerospace companies, and Melrose has the experience to deliver components for the most demanding applications.

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