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    Metalphoto Nameplates

    Metalphoto nameplates come with black copy on a natural aluminum background. They can include variable data, as well as photographic images. This process is common among aerospace companies and Melrose has the experience to deliver components for the most demanding applications.


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    Metalphoto Nameplates

    Metalphoto nameplates are known for their military specification compliance and the ability to produce black on silver photographic detail sealed in an anodized aluminum coating.

    Metalphoto nameplates are made from unsealed anodized aluminum material with an embedded silver halide material. When exposed through a negative film to an exposure lamp, the silver halides in the material, turns black and then create an image. The unexposed halides are washed away, and the aluminum sealed in a heated solution.

    The finished product is fully anodized. This means that the black exposed areas, as well as the natural aluminum background are sealed beneath the anodic layer of the aluminum.

    Additional colors can be added to the nameplate by screen printing of dyes prior to the sealing step.

    Metalphoto is particularly well-suited to military specification nameplates, short production runs, and even single piece quantities.